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The Forgotten land

“Winner of the Media Prize for Best Show 2017-2018”

Writing and directing Jean-Michel d’Hoop
Point Zéro Company & Théâtre de Poche (Brussels)

On April 26, 1986, occurred the biggest disaster in the History of Humanity.
The accident of Chernobyl emitted over one hundred times more radiation than the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.
The explosion of the reactor produced a radioactive cloud and contaminated rains that primarily touched Belorussia and Ukraine, but also all of Europe. Heavy metals and radioactive elements are still present in the ground… and they always will be… Well, almost always… They will be there for millions of years… Much longer than our memories will live on.

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Point Zero / Jean-Michel d’Hoop

Point Zero is a Belgian company from Brussels, constituted in 1993 which now has fifteen or so creations to its name.
The company perform in festivals around the world: Brazil, Chili, Japan, Russia, France, Romania, Spain, Italy, Korea, …
The specificity of the artistic approach of Point Zero is characterised by a questioning of the relationship between the actor and the “puppet”, between manipulator and manipulated, more widely between animated and unanimated.
For the company, it is also about exploring the grey areas around the object that is humanised and/or the man who becomes an object.

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